Former Barcelona and PSG Winger: Messi Is No Longer The Same Player

Former Barcelona and PSG winger Ludovic Giuly says Lionel Messi is no longer the same player he was a few years ago but he believes that is not the reason for his poor form last season.

Last season Messi joined PSG. It was the first time he joined another club after previously defending Barcelona since 2000, when he was a child.
But Messi did not perform as expected at PSG. He failed to show his skills to score many goals.

At that time he could only score 11 goals in all competitions. No wonder then there are those who claim that Messi is finished.
Giuly's defense of Messi

Ludovic Giuly then defended Lionel Messi. He said it was natural for Messi to experience a decline in performance and not be able to appear sharp at PSG.

This is because he must first adapt to his new environment. The same thing happens to other players who move to new clubs.

"I always knew it would be complicated for him last season. When you are king of the world at a club, and you arrive overnight in a new country and in another championship, it is never easy, even if you are the best player in the world," said Giuly. at La Parisien.
Optimistic Will Gacor

Ludovic Giuly also admitted that he was sure that Lionel Messi would be able to rise again in his second year. Because players like Messi must always do self-introspection.

"It takes time to absorb the changes, and we saw that his first year was complicated. But I'm sure that his second season will be good because great players are always questioning themselves; that's what he did," said Giuly.

Messi himself has seen a resurgence in the 2022/2023 season. Now he has scored six goals in 11 games and added eight assists for PSG.
Messi is not the same player

Lionel Messi is now 35 years old. Of course his agility had decreased.

Ludovic Giuly also admitted this. But he stressed that was not the reason Messi's performance at PSG declined last season. He believes La Pulga is still a classy player.

"Obviously it's not the same Messi anymore, but the quality is there. There's still 'Leo', the one who can change the game. His intelligence today is to be able to determine otherwise,” added Giuly.

"Because he was a bit lacking in finishing, he is now on the last pass. He showed everyone that you can still improve and change the way you play, even at 35. He is a good example for all players, young and old."
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