Juventus Lost Again, Does Anyone Still Hope Allegri Stays?

Juventus lost again. Twice already, in a row, Juventus had to go home empty-handed in the 2022/2023 Champions League Group H continuation.

Juventus started their first match with a 1-2 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain. The defeat was understandable a little because playing at the opponent's cage and met with a strong team.
But what cannot be forgiven is when Juventus lost 1-2 again to Benfica. He lost at home too.

The replies of #AllegriOut in the mass media are getting louder and increasing in quantity. But at the same time, Massimiliano Allegri is not afraid of the potential dismissal and admits that he is still trying to find solutions to improve the team.

What do you think, the reaction of fans on social media to Allegri? Scroll down, let's go
Who's still on the #AllegriStay Team??
"Even though players are above average, but zero ideas"
"Consistent with an Unfruitful Playstyle
Actually Losing Win is Normal, But....
Still Cool, Not Like Chelsea
Agnelli Must Get Involved
What are you waiting for, Juventus?
While There Are Still Other Great Coaches Who Are Unemployed
Or, Mr. Allegri Doesn't Just Want to Introduce Yourself?

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