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Finding a plastic surgeon who is the best in his field can be like searching for a needle among haystacks, but with higher stakes. Find additional reading on our blog.

The man in question is an exceptional person.

His customers praise him.

What makes Dr. Doe unique? His way of listening to patients is unmatched. Each procedure is tailored to the individual patient. No one solution fits all.

Jane is a very close friend. Jane has been a friend to me for ages.

Jane felt her doctor understood and listened to all of her concerns.

Jane is now a Vogue model! Jane has a newfound confidence since her surgery.

Emily Smith is also a renowned plastic surgeon in Portland. She can use a knife as if it were a sword.

Tom is a good example. Tom's nose has been a problem ever since high school. His classmates teased him mercilessly about his nose. Dr. Smith was the first to see Tom.

Tom felt lighter after the experience. Tom didn't need to carry around his fear like a suitcase after a bad vacation!

You can choose your favorite like you would a child. Both surgeons have strong values and similar strengths. They also share an understanding of their patient's stories and some extraordinary skills that they developed over years of practice.

Portland may not have Hollywood or New York City's celebrity clinics, but quality here is just as important.

Look at yourself, and you will see that you're tempted. Do your research and read up on the product and company you want to buy.

You will be looking great next time you meet us in Portland, thanks to local artists. They have made our lives better.