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Substance abuse in our society is on the rise. Fighting Against Substance Abuse Articles are for everyone, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. Substance abuse, in its broadest sense, is the act of using a substance that has an adverse effect on a person's mental and physical condition. In addition, substance abuse may have a negative impact on an individual's social, financial and legal status in the community renew wellness and recovery.

It can almost be anything. Illegal or legal, it can take either form. It is possible to call substance abuse even if the prescription medicine was not used. When substance abuse occurs, it is not uncommon to see the substance being injected, smoked, orally consumed. Some cases also include the use of sniffing or smoking substances.

Non-prescribed use of medicines prescribed by doctors is probably the most common substance abuse. A doctor's prescribed sleeping pill overdose is substance abuse. Substance abuse is also taking a substance other than what a doctor prescribes.

In addition to prescription medicines, other substances that are intoxicating, such as alcohol and drugs, have also been commonly abused. Examples and results of substance abuse include drug dependence, drug addiction and drug addiction.

Nicotine and alcohol are the two most popular substances that people depend on. Alcoholics Anonymous might be the world's most well-known support group for alcoholism. Alcoholics Anonymous offers a non-formal de-addiction program for smokers. These groups can be located locally and may have a different number depending on their location.

Alcoholics Anonymous is known for its 'twelve-step' program. This program has proven to be extremely effective at helping alcoholism.

There are many reasons for substance abuse. Others may abuse substances to cope with stress, or because they are under peer pressure. It has happened that some people took to the taste of certain medicines and used them long after they weren't needed.

Substance abuse is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. Substance abuse can seriously affect a person's social life. A person’s work and family commitments can be affected by substance abuse. It can be detrimental to an individual's finances depending on how serious and what type of addiction they are.

Addiction rehabilitation is essential for anyone who has become dependent on a controlled substance. This can help to eliminate an addiction, and give the individual a better life.