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Are you able to recall that moment of terror when your dentist called? Most of us have experienced that feeling. How did your trip to Downey change everything for you? Find additional reading on our blog.

The clinic was a hot place. My palms and my heart were sweaty. It was because my receptionist was friendly and helpful that I completely forgot why I was in the clinic. In place of an appointment with a doctor, I felt as if I were visiting an old friend. You could say that they were able to relax everyone.

The room was far from the usual sterile, cold waiting rooms. Soft lighting, comfortable chairs, even an espresso bar, filled the room. Once I had my coffee, i sat down on a comfy chair to read an old magazine. Soon, my name was being announced.

He entered the office wearing a huge smile that could have brightened up Times Square. While he was preparing his tools, he also spoke of his Saturday barbeque. As he donned gloves, the man casually asked.

In a nervous tone, I said: "I'm worried that I have a toothache."

In a calm tone, the man replied: "Lets have a quick look at it."

He began to work on this little mirror thingy. His actions were described in simple English. Within minutes, you were proven right. Don't worry. You don't have to worry.

It was a relatively quick procedure that caused little pain. Dr. Martinez was able to maintain small talk throughout, asking about my favorite movies and sharing his stories. Not long after, it was over.

After removing his gloves, the man exclaimed: "Now you're ready to go!"

The mirror was handed to me by Dr. Martinez after I got up and still felt a bit dazed. I had no fillings, drilling or other work done on my tooth!

When I saw this, I was amazed. ".

The reply from his side was, "Sad you enjoyed it!" He then offered some easy-to-follow aftercare instructions.

The dental clinic was very different from any other visit I had ever made.

Let's go into detail, because who doesn't love to have some practical knowledge? They are not only friendly and warm but very technologically savvy. Digital X-rays are available! Check! Laser dentistry? Double-check! You'll be amazed at how well they handle insurance documents.

Their flexibility is another plus. You can begin your day as early as you like. You need a time slot in the early morning to go off to work. You can choose to book a late-night slot if you don't want to deal with traffic. You don't need to worry about anything!

These hygienists are wonderful. The hygienists at this clinic are absolutely wonderful!

The last thing to note is that transparency of cost (well, it's not literally true but I think you get the point) is their motto. No hidden costs are waiting for the patient who is unprepared!

Dr.Martinez should be mentioned the next time someone expresses a need for dental treatment. You'll be able to win brownie points with those in Downey that dislike dentists and public speaking.

It's time to go... but wait... do not scratch it... get going! !