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What are pool drain hazards?

They are common in swimming pools but can be dangerous. Although they may seem harmless, there are many dangers you should be aware of. Here are some of the biggest pool drain hazards, and why they should be avoided. These issues will be looked for during a pool inspection, whether it is or anywhere else. If they are discovered, these problems can then be corrected. Additional info?

According to pool safety inspectors in Sydney, here are some of most common pool drain hazards.

Leaves, hair and other debris can clog your pool filter if you don't check the drain.

Swimming is made dangerous by foreign objects like rubber bands or metals that can become stuck in drain grates. They may also trap swimmers against the open grates, where they could be trapped at any moment without warning.

Corrosion- Corrosion is a very dangerous condition that can quickly corrode metal components inside a mechanism. To avoid these dangers, it is important to have your pool's filters and drains maintained each spring.

The drain will be uncovered and people may step or fall on it. A person can also be at risk when they exit the pool without realizing that water is draining beneath their feet.

Pool water can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. If the water in your pool is not properly chlorinated and filtered, it can be a breeding place for bacteria and alga.

If you don't check your pool regularly, mould can also develop in the filter of your pool, on tiles surrounding your pool or around your liners.

Pets or wild animals - If your pool is not covered, you need to check that there are no animals around. They could find their way in through a drain that's left uncovered and cause a blockage or other problems. Keep pets away from the water if you see any birds that are nesting nearby. They may be tempted by curiosity to fall in the pool.

Pests and insects - Many people forget to drain their pools, which results in stagnant water that attracts mosquitoes.

The list of potential dangers associated with an unprotected pool is not exhaustive, but it does cover some of the more common concerns people have when deciding what safety measures to take before buying a new pool.

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